Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birthday ♥ 2 ♥

Yesterday which is my real date of birth...
I went to KLCC with my babes to celebrate my birthday..
I been friends with them for quite a long time, I felt so happy that we were still friends...
Erien and I took the Kelana Lrt to KLCC while Milk and Angeline were there earlier than us to get the KL Tower Bridge ticket..
Then I and Erien meet up with them at San Fransisco
From left : Erien & Milk

From left : Angeline & ME! =D
Look they bought cupcakes for me..
Isn't pretty??..hahaa

When we were on the way to the cinema, I dropped my precious scarf given by my papa..sob sob..i miss it so much
We watched Date Night, unfortunately Milk is unable to join us because she got to go...
Date Night was super hilarious..haha
Pen drive = Sticky thing to the laptop
Lolss, I still remember the part when the Israel girl said they are too old and weak to have sex and the F u F u part..
Later on, we went to The Apartment to have our lunch..
Angeline was playing her camera

I love the restaurant interior design very much...hehee

Angeline was having Chicken and Mushroom pasta
While, Erien was having Andrew's pasta

And I was having Jamie's pasta

Dessert, I was having Eton Mess which is meringue with cream and strawberry
I don like it at all because it was too sweet..eiii

Erien was having Caramel Custard something something *lolss, i forget*

Then, we went to the KL Tower Bridge..
Lolss, those tourists thought we are not Malaysian..

Angeline and Erien posing with their cameras..hahaa

At 5, Mr Lee came to KLCC to pick me up for dinner =D
When i was finding for his car, I almost get bang by a car *phew lucky I'm safe*
Actually we were suppose to have dinner at The Cave at SS2, unfortunately the damn restaurant shut down already...
That time, we were like what!!..
Then Mr Lee decided we go to Kuchai Lama for Shabu Garden..
Look!...Did u saw any ghost at the Maybank??..hahaa
I have Tom Yam soup while Mr Lee have *Ching Tong* soup for the steamboat..
I love the pork slices the most..
Then whenever I don like the food that i have, I passed it to the DBKL (Mr Lee)..hahaaa

My Tom Yam soup..

Ugly Mr Lee..XD

Our shoes!! =D

After dinner, we went to the SPark for movie..
We watched KL Drift 2 for only rm10 for 2 person!!..
So damn cheap..hahaa
The movie was quite nice la but the shooting part so fake...
Mr Lee didn't buy me any cake s he bought me Haagen Dazs ice cream to replace the cake..
Haha..nom nom..

The outfit for the night
Top : Cotton On
Bottom : Bangkok ( Actually the skirt is from a dress but the top was too tight for me so I took of the top )
Belt : Bangkok
Look!!..Who is underneath my bed..hahaa..
My lovely dog, Kiky

Wee~~~...Mr Lee bought me DKNY perfume for my birthday present..
Hearts it...
Present from Milk

Present from Erien, Janice & Pui Yan

Present from Angeline
Present from Mr Lee =D
Look the ugly card he made for kindergarten's work only
But i love the messages he wrote..

Bought a magazine from Kinokuniya..

Snacks from Isetan again..hahaha
This time I bought the Sakura flavour..


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