Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

Today, went to Pav with Mr Lee to watch my favourite show "HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON"...lolss, i been mumbling at him about this show almost for a week and finally.......
*lolss...I'm always the one who obsesses with cartoons*..

I really love this animated girl, she look so cute in that outfit..

And don forget Toothless aka Night Fury, damn cute when his eyes gone huge..haha
1st : Feed it and accept it's gift
2nd : Act stupid and scare, pat it's head
3rd : Give it a nickname
4th : Ride it and control it
5th : Don hurt him and give it some LOVE..teeheee

I don know why this days i keep on buying Japanese snacks...
Buy until my purse got hole already..sob sob
Anyway, it's worth it since it's cute and taste good..

My favourite Japanese snack is ^ Choco sticks...they taste really really good...

In a box, they have 12 packets and in a packet, they have 4 sticks...
Look, each packet have different animals pictures on it...isn't it cute??
At Pav, I bought a measuring spoons from 1 of the stalls at 6th floor..
Sob sob, actually i wanted to get the purple measuring cup too to make it as 1 set but I'm out of cash..

Lols..this spec belongs to my papa..
Really love it so much...
*Wink* teeheee