Wednesday, April 18, 2012

20th Burst Day

I was wondering when should I blog about my day *all my besties have blog about it except me*,
since I have time now, why not. :)
On that morning, I was deciding should I go cute or mature? At last I choosed mature cause I'm 20 already!! But I still act like a kiddo. :P
Yesh!! I cut my hair again and I have decided to stay with these hair style cause I love it :D

Outfit of the day

I became the driver of the day because all of them don have transport so I took them all around Cheras, Damansara, Subang and KL. Tired but I have fun in the car with me :)

In that afternoon, 3 of us went to Wonder Milk at Damansara Utama. It's a great place for people like me and my besties to chit chat and take snap shots :) Thanks to my sis for lending me her DSLR.

Cupcakes bought from my besties. Taste yummy, just like what I want a cupcake to taste like not like the others where the icing is too sweet until I could feel my throat is drying up.

Lai Leng, the one who I love to bully the most :P

Hui Sien, the most mature thinking among all of us. :)

After having our lunch, it's time for our mission!! SNAP SHOTS!!

Awh, she kissed me :O

After spending 4 hours at Wonder Milk, we went to Cheras to pick up my another bestie :)
Headed to Ben's for dinner, at 1st I choosed Ben's but then we changed our mind to Chili's but at last we went to Ben's. Haha, I don really like Chili's cause for me it's very noisy.
Ben's does not accept any reservation on weekends but since i used my birthday as a excuse. The friendly waiter let me to make reservation. Wee :D

2 others besties, Angeline and Poh Yee.

Me with my Mojito, LOLS. I really look like a kid.
Between the dinner, we have cards questions game where we randomly picked a card from the box and asked each other. Haha, some questions are really ridiculous.

Huggy pillow.
I didn't really want to order the cake but the waiter keep insist me to order because it's my day so I just ordered a piece. Rocky Road, yummy :)

After dinner, we went to Haagen Dazs for their fondue as dessert. The truth, all of us are still bloated with our dinner but we still went for it. LOLS

Really had a great time on that day, thanks to my besties for everything :) Love all of u very muchie.
I got to say, I love being the baby among them. They are really my angels that take care of me all the time.

Wee!! I got a Diana F+ Zebra from my sis, thank you sister Lau :). Now I have a Zebra Diana and Zebra Golden Half. Zebra all the way!!!


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