Friday, April 20, 2012

1st Love

I guess to everyone, our 1st love is the most memorable. In your mind, you will be thinking of getting married to him/her and happily after. He's the prince, she's the princess. You would do anything but at the end, tragic happens.

I guess there is only 10% of couples end up being together with their 1st love forever. It's really tough.

You won't able to have the same feeling with the 2nd or 3rd ones. It's just different. Out of sudden, you meet someone that gave u that same 1st miracle butterflies in you and I guess he/she will be the one.

Love is unpredictable, it comes and goes like the wind's direction. To me, if the couple is destined to be together, at the end they will be. :)

What if God lets you choose who you want to marry to, what type he/she would be? or you rather it be a surprise to you?


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