Tuesday, June 8, 2010


WTF..she came back for him..She said she does not want him anymore when i asked her and said he is a playboy and crap shit to me, suddenly she came back from no way..The most asshole thing is my friend back stab me, wth?..She lied about herself and she talked about me behind my back..FUCK her!!.She always complain that her friends don't treat her well and bla bla bla then I accept her as my friend..Well, I guess, I don't think her friends don't treat her well..SHE IS THE ONE WHO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH PEOPLE AROUND HER..I swear to God, if I could back stab her back I would but I can't because I do that I will sell one of my friend out..
In this world, I can't really trust anyone anymore, they should have went for acting since they have 2 faces..Shame on them man......


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