Friday, June 4, 2010

The Days Before

I been taking trainS to college this few days..One word for that "tiring but sometimes its fun"..
Haha..From my house lrt, I took the Ampang line to Masjid Jamek then from there, change to Kelana Jaya line to KL Central then change to KTM to Subang Jaya..
Well, its takes me like 1 hour but it takes 1 and half hour if the train is delay "especially KTM"..
Then my bestie psycho friend, Kenny picked me up from there and to college..
By taking the trains, I can see many kinds of things like how dumb is those people who works for Kelana Jaya "they don even know how to speak English" , how rude is those guys who went in to the ladies coach "well, its for LADIES only" and etc..
How was my days lately?..Fine?..We were getting closer and I'm still doubting about our status..Haha..not only me but my friends too, they were like .... XD..I don wan rush things and destroy them all in once so I NEED TO BE PATIENT..real patient..hehe
Let me count, I have cried 2 times this week..haha....CRYBABY!!

Shut up and kiss me - Orianthi


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