Sunday, March 14, 2010

♥ Day Out With Mr Lee ♥

Yesterday went Pav with Mr Lee..tee hee~
Early in the morning I'm so excited because Mr Lee said he is bringing me to watch Alice in the Wonderland...
But when we arrived the cinema, the movie is out of seats ( Damn It )...At last we watch Under the Mountain...
This movie is quite nice la..not very boring just average only...but i have Mr Lee around so I don feel bored..haha
I cant believe there were 7 pastry chef working at the Lavender..
I hope I can 1 of them soon...
Later on we went to Sungai Wang because Mr Lee said he wanna buy a new specs but at last we get nothing from there..
I feel uncomfortable in Sg.Wang anymore because of the environment and the types of peoples there...They really look weird and even dress weird...

This is my outfit for that day..
Shirt and pants brought from Bangkok..

Shoe for the day...

Lolss..Mr Lee was fooling around with the camera..Anyway PEACE
After Pav, we went to Mr Lee's house to pick up his family for dinner..

Before dinner, we went Puchong to take a look of their new house which they will move in when Mr Lee is 21 years old later...

We went to a restaurant called Gao Ren Guan at nearby Bandar Kinrara...They served 100% Hakka cuisine, that's why there were so many granny and grandpa having their dinner there,,,anyway the dishes taste so great!!

After dinner, Mr Lee drove me home and kiss goodbye~~


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