Monday, March 4, 2013

Phuket "13

We stayed 3 days 2 nights at Serenity in Phuket.
Enjoyed the environment, even though the hot sun is glaring at us but at the same time the wind blow the heat from us. Really missed that moment. :(
I could just sit there and relax for a month without doing anything.

Me and my boyf at the reception.
Just so you know, if you ever planned to stay in this resort. Make sure you take your flight in the right time.
Else you will end up like us, spending 5 hours laying back at the pool before checking in. Their check-in time is at 2 pm. :( Worst case ever. Will never repeat this mistake again.

Now I will just show you pictures of the resort. 

Serenity's Club Car to bring us around the resort. :)

Reception desk

88 East

This is where we have our daily breakfast buffet :)

The pool 

See how windy it is!! :)

View of the ocean

After 5 hours of wandering around the resort, its finally the time to check into our penthouse suite.
It's a 3 bedroom Penthouse suite with living room, kitchen, private roof deck and private jacuzzi. Such a lovely suite :)

One of the bedroom with balcony


It have 3 floors, the rooms is at the 1st floor and here comes the 2nd floor. *Drum rolls!!*

=.= Yeap that's me climbing the stairs. ....

 Living room

It's beautiful as heaven!! Look closely, you will saw me climbing the stairs again outside the balcony. Haha.

Kitchen and dining table

The 3rd floor. This is my favourite part of the suite cause the view is just beautiful. Just like a picture. 

BBQ pit

Try to imagine BBQ with the view of the ocean. :)
We did BBQ on the 1st night with lots of fresh seafoods from the market. 

Private jacuzzi. 

Didn't know a jacuzzi have sound system and temperature settings. Haha. 

Me :)


View from the roof  "My Heaven"

My bro's gf and him

Well that's all about our penthouse suite in Serenity, Phuket. :)
Coming up next : BKK 
Photo credit goes to my boyf, he's the cameraman for the trip. :D

Finger crossed for Koh Samui next year.


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