Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mr Jones Orphanage @ Siam Centre

Sorry, I was been sick so didn't get the chance to blog. :(
Well, here one my my Bangkok's post. Siam Centre had renovate their building into a more modern edge. It's really really nice with all the fancy made in Thailand's fashions. Oh well, it's still pricey.
We had our tea time at Mr Jones' Orphanage.

Mr Jones' Orphanage

They had this toy factory concept for their cafe. Gears, teddy bears and don forget the most important of all!!


They taste amazing like how they look!

 Me and boyf.

Every each of the table have their different kinds of bear. It look cute right? Wonder did anyone sneak out the teddies out from the cafe before. Hehe.

 My elder bro & his girlf

 Toot toot train around the cafe. 

Despite how much the train look adorable from outside of the cafe but it gets irritating because you have to bow to go through it. 

 Our table no. 

 Toy Story's soldier. 

They are not glued so you could take them and play around. 

 Finally it's cake time!!

 Sinful Chocolate Banana Cake.

The thing about their dessert that attracted me the most is their plates. It look so retro. Love it to the max. 

 Strawberry Cake

 Bill's box.

Gosh I got a thing with boxes. I love to collect beautiful boxes. So wish I could take that home. :(
Be sure to visit this cafe when you are at Siam Centre, Bangkok :)


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