Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blog Day!! 2011

Congrats to Nuffnang! They are celebrating their 6th Blog Day today!
I'm celebrating it by introducing 6 blogs that I feel all of you should know about it!! :)


This blogger is my all time favourite. I found her when I randomly blog walking and her blog attracted my attention. Why BoboStephanie? Because she's have a great taste in fashion *just in case you need some inspiration* and she travels alot, this indirectly introduced me alot of wonderful places. :)


Don't ya tell me you never heard of Chuckei before? Quick! go and check it out! If you hang out with her, you would know she have great sense of humour. And if you would like to know about beauty tips, she is the one.


This girl is a real sweetheart. Audrey :) She's a dancer and a beauty girl. I know her from my friend's blog and I added her in facebook like randomly *you know we always add people randomly :P*. But one thing I can't believe is, she take me as a friend and so now here we are online friends.


No more beauty beauty! It's time for photography!! :D Paul Levine, my bestie. He's so into cameras. DSLR, toy cameras and etc. He took hell lots of nice pictures with his super camera skills. I like the ones that he took from a haunted house. If you are finiding a late night companion for drinks, he's the one!! :)


I know girls love to take photoshoots. This guy, he is a good photographer based on what I saw in his blog, Xavier. All of his pictures look so beautiful! Too bad, I'm not a beauty queen :( or else I would go for a photoshoot.


Want to know more about new gadgets or products? Find her, Ashley!! Just in case you miss an event and you want to know about it, just visit her blog! Time to time, she blog about events that she went. + 1, she's pretty cute *like pretty and cute you know* ;D

Happy 6th Blog Day NUFFNANG!! And Happy Merdeka Malaysia! :)


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