Friday, June 24, 2011

Kiss Goodbye

PANGKOR LAUT RESORT, Sunday I will be leaving you.
Should I be happy or sad? I guess, I had fall in love with this place.

Well, I want to thank everybody who guided me through my training.

Royal Bay Beach Club
Chef Lidza (don really know how to spell her name :P) and her gang.
She's loving and caring. They always feed me with a lot of food

Chapman's Bar
Chef Wan aka Abang Wan
He loves to bully me and he taught me a lot. :)

Chef Saad, Kak Saadiah, Chef Yusra and .. (aiks forget his name)
I love them, you know why. Because of pastry. :P I learned a lot from them. Thank you very much.

Uncle Lim
Sin Joo, Uncle Su, Ah Wei and Uncle Lim
Even though I have no interest in chinese food but I enjoyed working there. No stress, happy go lucky :)

Cold Kitchen
Chef Kok, Chef Hoh, Kar Hou, Mani
The kitchen was pretty cool and cold. Everything was clean like it was brand new. :) I learned how to make several canapes and ways of cutting for fruits. Even though someone always teased me ;)

Fisherman Cove
Chef Danny, Chef Azli, Chef Mahazis, Chef Yu
Mostly I feel bored. But at least I learned something right? Tortellini, amuse bouche and how they plate and garnish every dish perfectly. I love the concept.

Special thanks
Mani, Vinod, Naga
They always cheered me up. They was like my sunshine. Thank you papa :P



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