Wednesday, July 2, 2014

-- MIA --

Just checked my previous post, which was on April. Really April? It been that long already huh, time really flies. I'm busy lately with work, work, work and I had a online shop now named Divine 
Selling all kinds of phone cases and clothing, at a very low and affordable price. Of course, quality is guaranteed, I hate giving customers things that looks like trash to me. 
So free feel to check it out.

It's really true that on your 20-ies, this is where everyone having crisis thinking what they are going to do for their life and I got to say it's tough. Well, it's a good opportunity to explore and try till you found the right one but of course for not too long. 
Some of you should feel really very lucky to have your parents supporting what you want to do, seriously who thought youtubing would became a window to your career?

Parents that pay your college and degree fees, sending you out to another country to further your studies. Oh well, now my jealously have kicked in.

Anyways, my first wishlists have been ticked! TOKYO!! 
Yes, I know it's not that special anymore but to me it's still is.
Will be heading to Tokyo with boyfriend on this coming August.
Please suggests any places that is a must visit if you have any in your mind.

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