Thursday, March 20, 2014

Eternity Friends

In high schools, we formed a group. And we named it.
Yeah, what was we thinking? So lame. LOLS
Not mistaken, it's even my idea to named us. *embarrassed*
Drama Babes
That's our group.
We are so into together till we literally can't split up even the school split us up into different classes. 
When recess time and after school time, we ended up together just like we always used to.
1st, there's Angeline, Janice, Leng and Teng. Teng ended up shifting to another school.
Then, there's Hui Sien, Poh Yee and lastly Michelle. 
I don think I would stayed at that high school if I didn't met them.
 They bring rainbows into my teenage life. 
My lil fairies.

It's been 9 years of friendship.
We will be together for eternity.
They are my soul mates, sisters and guardian angels.

Here by,
I wish Happy Birthday to my Erin. Ps : She's single so I claimed her. 
Sorry that I couldn't be around when you blow your candles.
22 now and yet still single. So my only wish that you would meet someone special soon.
And always talk to me when you occur any problems like I always do to you.
I'm here for you, well all of us are. 
Have a happy 22 year!

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