Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tears Falling All Over

CAUTION : It's advisable not to read this post if you can't handle your emotions. 

I asked my boyfriend alot of times. Why would he be so confident that I would choose him to be my soul mate even there are few guys after me even I didn't really pay much attention to him at all? He said he just know he will be the one with his dramatic confident tone. 

When someone told me, he secretly like me. I just take their words as jokes cause it's like impossible. And when I started thinking, he had been paying attention to me for quite some time when I was having a rough time with relationships. He would always be at the other room, looking at me or I should say staring at me, kept coming over asking whether am I alright. So everything make sense now, how it happen.

When he admitted that he like me, nobody knows about it except myself. Everybody can't even read his mind so when rumours spread, well at my work place there is no secret that can be kept forever, everybody was like WHAT?! and can't believe it. 

Remembered the 1st movie we went after the Kbox night, sneaked away from everybody to the cinema. The Hunger Games, the 1st movie we watched together. Well, practically he didn't really watched the movie, he just kept staring at me and I felt creepy. Oh ya, he asked me to kept the movie tickets as our memories but I guess I wasn't hearing at all and threw it away so now he grumbling about it. 

So yeap, that's how everything started for both of us. :) Got to go to bed now or else he might kick my butt tomorrow. 

*I know, it's been a long time I didn't post up any pictures of me. Or you might be wondering why I have not post any pictures of me with my boyfriend. Just be patient, you will see soon. I promise*


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