Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Xmas Eve at Universal Studio, Singapore

Yes! I have finished my Diploma in Culinary Art and now I'm looking for a job. Finger crossed.

My sis planned a trip to Singapore from 23th Dec to 25th Dec. All thanks to her, we get to go for vacation on the Christmas Eve.

1st day, we went to Marina Bay!!

That's my sis, Stacey and me :)

Well, basically me and my lil bro just walk around while my sis and her bf went to the casino. I'm pretty attracted to those celebrity restaurant. I so wished that I could get a job at there.

That's all for the 1st day. :) I so gonna to the Art and Science Museum at Marina Bay when my next visit to Singapore!!

2nd day, this is where all the JOY happen :D

Unfortunately, it's raining when we arrived there. We bought raincoats so we could still enjoy the day without being wet. The rain does not continuously rain all along, it stops and continues. We still get to have FUN :)

That's the Far Far Away castle behind us.

Waterworld where you could get splash or wet :P I'm so amazed by their actions and props. It looks so real, IT'S REAL. Lols

Jurassic Park where my lil bro got conned by the Flying Canopy ride. All of us thought it's a sightseeing ride but it's not. My lil bro was so scare that he would fall. Haha.

We also ride the revenge of the Mummy. Damn, the roller coaster is in the dark where you don know where you are heading but it's fun!!

The most scariest ride : the Battlestar Galactica. There are two types of ride, Human and Cylon. We ride the Cylon, I got to say. It's super scary but still fun :D

The Madagascar!! *I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, I like to MOVE IT!!*

Last but not least, the Transformer ride which is AWESOME!!

The Shrek!!
Basically we spend the whole day at Universal Studio. We went to Vivo City for dinner and went back for the fireworks show. It's so beautiful, this is the most memorable Christmas Eve I ever spend. :)
Lil bro, Me, Sis, Sis's bf



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