Monday, November 21, 2011

No Cellphone

The day before yesterday which is Saturday. That is when I lost my precious bb. God damn the fella who took it.

And now, I don have a cellphone. Great. I just need to learn to live without one. Currently I can't afford the one that I want but I don want to simply spend my money on some junk phone so I guess I just need to wait.

I love you my recipes. Its like almost 30 over recipes in my bb. FUCK. How can I forget to copy backups in my laptop? Now all my beloved typed recipes that I have collected for a year have just disappear. And they are from my experiences not from the nets.

I so wish that I could turn back the time and take my bb!! Bye my precious bb ;'( I miss u badly. I hope that fella will treat u well.


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