Saturday, July 30, 2011

No ending

Even though how many lies I told about I already get over it. It just kept coming back.
Everything is still in my heart even though I tried to ignore it. It hurt me like hell. I tried to fight back with you so it could make me hate you even more so I could just say goodbye to you. But after a time, the memories came back and I intend to fight again. Just kept talking nonsense so we could fight for nothing. Whenever I read your blog, it makes me mad and wonder why you would say something like that about me. It makes me want to fight even more. I'm so tired. I'm tired for kept looking back, all the messages and photos in my phone.
Why do I always go back to u? Why do I even bother to explain?
I should stop now, insomnia every night makes me feel exhausted. All my emotions is like so messed up now, this is why I don not want to be at home where it's quiet. I wish I could have short term memory loss so everything will just be forgotten like it never happen before. My family thought I'm still with you, I don even bother to tell them we are not together or explain.
Take everything from me, leave me with nothing. I do not want any memories, even happy memories. It's just too late.


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