Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I been working like hell for this 2 weeks.
5am to 4pm
9am to 9pm

I been setting the buffet counter with myself for days. On the 1st time, I don feel tired at all but after days after days, I feel like crying. I can't handle heavy things. I hate it.
Now my chef is on mc and another staff was on compassionate leave. And today I worked alone, luckily hunny is willing to help me at 5 am. I feel so pity that he still need to work at 9am to 5 pm after helping me out. Thank God, there were also other people helping me out. Or else, I think I will drop dead already.

Please God please, let me go back to KL on thurs. I'm really freaking tired. I need my rest. :(


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