Saturday, April 16, 2011

PLR Training + My 19th Bon Anniversaire

Hi guys and babes! I'm back :)
Sorry, I will be busy for this 3 months. I'm doing my 2nd training at Pangkor Laut Resort, Perak. Nice place here for tourists but not me. Haha, the weather damn hot.

There is alot of monkeys, hornbills and peacocks.
Don go near the monkeys, they attack people for food. Damn dangerous.

Everyday, I get to look at the deep blue sea and have a nice view of sunset. Eventhough the food at the staff's canteen sucks but still i enjoy here. :)

14th of April was my 19th birthday. Hunny celebrated with me at here. Lovely him for getting me a cake. :*
Thats all folks.
See ya again soon. Take care all my friends.
I will be back!! :D


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